PDRN Total Regenerating Serum
PDRN Total Regenerating Serum
PDRN Total Regenerating Serum

PDRN Total Regenerating Serum

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Note: Genosys products are available as a script only due to the highly active ingredients of this cosmeceutical range. We can only sell Genosys to you once you have completed a full skin consultation, either in person or online/phone. Please enter your details below, head to our Contact Us page, or feel free to call and discuss.

Mesosys PDRN Total Regenerating Serum is an all-in-one advanced serum with microneedle that helps fast regeneration and healthy skin by selecting PDRN, a DNA extracted from salmon, and peptide components directly on the skin.

1x PDRN Regenerating Serum, 1x Cleaning brush, 1x Disinfecting Jar

The serum is absorbed at the same time as the serum is applied through the micro-channels created by the microneedles. In this process, nutrients are directly supplied to the skin, the keratin cycle is normalised, and the skin becomes firmly elastic.

About this item

  • Total Regenerating Serum, Anti-wrinkle
  • Special applicator with tiny microneedles, Anti-pigmentation
  • Soothes and improves the skin, Skin Regeneration
  • With PDRN and peptide, Tightening
  • Anti-inflammation