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The set includes:

Gentlemen’s Tonic Gentle Body Wash

The Gentle Body Wash which deeply cleans and energises while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. Using traditional techniques alongside the latest innovations, this body wash contains aromatic essential oils as well as Manuka Honey, Coconut and Wheat extracts that soften and condition the skin while Ginger and Menthol leaves the skin refreshed and revitalised every day. The ultimate shower or bath experience! Suitable for all skin types;

Gentlemen’s Tonic Daily Shampoo

The Daily Shampoo is natural and specifically formulated to gently cleanse and revitalise the hair and scalp by removing excess build up caused by hair products, natural toxins and environmental pollutants. Enriched with antioxidant protection, the lightweight, residue-free formula also includes Babassu and Coconut Oils that nourish the scalp and soothe and replenish hair follicles that gain renewed strength, body and manageability. This shampoo is formulated to work perfectly with the Gentlemen’s Tonic Protein Conditioner. Proudly made in the UK, the Daily Shampoo is suitable for all hair types, including coloured hair, and for everyday use;

Gentlemen’s Tonic Classic Shave Cream

Developed by Gentlemen’s Tonic’s team of Master Barbers, the Classic Shave Cream has been formulated to soothe and moisturise the skin whilst shaving. Enriched, as a solid base, with natural grape seed oil that helps to soften the beard and protect the skin by acting as a moisturising barrier, the Classic Shave Cream is designed to give any man an extremely close, comfortable and simple shave. The Classic Shave Cream also benefits from and uses the natural healing and cooling properties of Aloe Vera to help prevent razor burn and any post-shave redness, Rosehip Oil, which is high in Vitamin E, that also helps with occasional razor burn, and Coco Butter that delivers an excellent moisturising emollient. Suitable for all skin types and frequent use!

Gentlemen’s Tonic Daily Moisturiser

The Daily Moisturiser is the last in the Travel Essentials Set and has been especially formulated for men’s skin. This moisturiser is loaded with natural essential oils that offers both antiseptic protection and acts as brilliant healing agents. The Daily Moisturiser also contains a proprietary blend of mineral-rich ingredients including Coco Butter, Borage, Aloe, Gotu Kola and wild Seaweed sourced in the UK that allows for the skin to be smooth and protected against all elements of the day or night. This moisturiser easily and immediately absorbs into the skin, ensuring it remains hydrated and protected whatever life throws at you. It is suitable for all skin types!