Rachel was very thorough in her consultation and then with the treatment. My skin has since felt amazing, glowing and less red. I am extremely happy with my treatment and her service and would recommend Rachel to anyone wanting the best.


Extremely Professional, Extremely Skilled, Extremely Calming, Extremely Passionate. The process was very tolerable even for someone like me who has a low pain threshold. I feel so pleased that I had them done. The result has made me feel more youthful and confident. I love my lips.


I have recently started using the medical grade products from Rachel. Prior to this I have always used what I believe are good products on my skin, including Revlon and more recently the Murad range. The difference I have found with using these more medical grade products is amazingly like night and day. I recently had some dry areas on my cheeks and my nose was very rough. Rachel is very knowledgeable on the products she sells which gives me confidence to purchase from her. She can explain why one product is better for you than another including the improvements or enhancements you will see with each.


I have been using Me products from Rachel for close to 4 weeks now and extremely happy with results. Prior to this my skin often felt tight and dehydrated. The cleanser I was using did not get the cleansing effect and I found it hit and miss trying to find a moisturiser that worked. I am now using hydacream fusion cleanser, hydratonic mist, mesoestetic stem cell moisturiser and mesoestetic anti-aging oil sun protection. I have found the cleanser absolutely amazing giving me a thorough cleanse whilst leaving my skin feeling soft and fresh and no longer the tight dryness I always had with my regular cleanser. The moisturiser smooths on effortlessly and more importantly I can feel the nourishing effects. Being a sun lover and often out cycling I am so happy to have the extra protection my skin needs from the anti-aging oil. Beautiful products. Thank you so much Rachel for introducing me to your products! I couldn't be happier


Thank you for taking the time to see me today. Initially I was very apprehensive about everything. But after the consultation I was in a much better space. The product (Dermal Cover) is really good, and I was surprised as to how normal it made my lips look. I really appreciated the effort you made and your patience in demonstrating how to use the product and all the tips as well. I came away feeling reassured that there was a solution to my problem. Thank you once again. Will definitely be recommending you and the products.


I found her to be extremely professional calm, and caring Rachel explained the procedure and after care was in depth. Her hygiene is second to none and the place was welcoming. Rachel was very gentle and explained everything in detail. Rachel is a perfectionist, so rest assured you won't be walking out until you are both happy with the results. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone wanting semi-permanent makeup and I can't wait to go back for more procedures.


I am age 72 and have not used a lot on my skin in the past, I was given a sample of Mesoestetic Melan Recovery to try, and I was very impressed how it cleared up my dry sun damage skin on the side of my face and nose. I immediately had to buy it after trying a sample and seeing instant results.


I have been using Rachel 's beautiful Mesoestetic products for 2mths now. I have found this product and the system (routine) something I look forward to each day. My skin is looking less dehydrated and at lot more radiant. The products are light non greasy and super beautiful to use. I fully recommend this product and will continue to use and endorse it. Namestee Rachel thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and products with me