Tea Tree Peel

For skin rejuvenation that cleanses, peels, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin with vortex liquid solutions.

It is a procedure that removes dead cells, sebum and waste from your skin and provides you nutrition and moisturizes your skin. It is available for most skin types – Normal skin, Oily skin, acne types of skin, aging skin and so on.

AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid): the most peeling solution ingredient

Soft exfoliation, Inhibit pigment, Antimicrobial

BHA(Beta Hydroxy Acid): effective “Acne treatment”, Strong removing sebum & blackhead

PHA(Poly Hydroxy Acid) : Trendy peeling ingredients, less irritation, good for sensitive skin, Soft

exfoliation, Great hydrating, Anti-inflammatory

Clients will get new skin. No Downtime and No Pain

   Key Benefits:

- Soft exfoliation
- Removing sebum blackhead
- Acne care
- Anti-inflammatory
- Inhibit pigment
- Boost Collagen synthesis
- Blackhead
- Whitehead
- Sebum Control
- Peeling
- Pore cleansing
- Demodex folliculorum
- Skin toning
- Brightening
- Hydration

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