Crystal Microdermabrasion

Crystal Microdermabrasion

This Crystal Microdermabrasion treatment uses a device which blasts crystals to gently exfoliate, remove dead skin, and reveal your most glowing complexion. With impurities pulled from beneath the skin, your skin will be more smoother than ever before, and this elegant, non-invasive treatment also helps to deep clean pores, reduce acne or blackheads, produce more youthful skin and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Crystal Microdermabrasion


Crystal Microdermabrasion  FAQ

How long does the procedure take?

Generally between 30-45 minutes.


What does Crystal Microdermabrasion feel like?

Not too bad, we promise! This treatment may feel similar to the way you scrub your face with gritty exfoliant each week, a bit more intense. But the feeling doesn’t last long, and you’ll leave the clinic completely pain-free  with glowing skin.


What are the side effects?

You may experience a bit of skin redness for the first 24 hours after treatment. However, this should be minimal and disappear quickly.


When will I see results, and how long will results last?

You’ll definitely notice results almost immediately, as your skin will be glowing and radiant an hour or two after your appointment. Over the following days, you may notice more visible results such as less breakouts and blemishes. Since exfoliation and cell regeneration are the key principles behind a crystal microdermabrasion, and human skin typically regenerates in 28 day intervals, your results will likely last between two to four weeks… although this may be prolonged with the proper exfoliating and cleansing skincare products. Maintenance treatments are needed to upkeep the effects of crystal microdermabrasion.


How much does it cost?

The Crystal Microdermabrasion per treatment price is $100.00


What should you not do after Crystal Microdermabrasion?

  • You should avoid touching, rubbing, or picking your skin, which can slow the healing process.
  • Don't use products with glycolic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, or topical acne treatments for 24-48 hours.
  • Wear a good sunblock

Its Not Safe During Pregnancy

The effects of aluminum oxide exposure on the fetus haven't been studied extensively enough to claim its totally safe. So the risks are unclear and its better to avoid this treatment during pregnancy.

If you take care of your skin properly, you will be able to enjoy the incredible benefits of your crystal microdermabrasion treatment all year long. Most patients experience dramatic improvements in skin:





Over the course of a full set of treatments, your body will produce new layers of skin containing higher levels of collagen and elastin, improving your complexion and giving your skin a more radiant, vibrant glow.

 Crystal Microdermabrasion encourages cell turnover, which can speed your skin’s ability to healing. 


Pay as you Go $100.00 – 1 session (45mins)
Add 15min LED Light Therapy to your session $139.00
Pre-Pay 6 Sessions in Advance $499.00 – you save $95
Add 15min LED Light Therapy to your Pre-Pay sessions $699.00 – you save $135.00
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